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Diamondlife Drilling Products

Welcome to Diamondlife Drilling Products

Diamondlife Drilling Products is a privately owned and operated company which specialise in electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts for a range of drilling industries from rural water boring to exploration drilling. We also now stock a vast range of wholesale irrigation products for a range of industries.

We also source a variety of products that you require and stock them on request to alleviate worldwide shortages.

Drilling equipment and services:

Water Boring Products

Exploration Drilling Products

Irrigation for Viticulture and Agriculture

DCI MK2 Electrical products

Hydraulic Parts

3d Cad Modelling

Engineering, CNC and Heat Treatment

Supplying upgraded control cables to the drilling industry

Example of some drilling products we offer

We have electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts for underground LM DCI drill rigs and Atlas underground drill rigs.

Atlas Cables Upgraded Diamond Drilling

Product Category: Atlas Cables

Atlas 15mtr main cable

We removed the rubber cable from OEM and replaced it with a control cable covered in thick smooth conduit to make these cables last a lot longer. These cables are 15mts long and are covered all the way with conduit to eliminate any moisture or water entering the back of the plug.

Splitter/Starter Cable

Product Category: LM DCI Cables

Diamondlife have upgraded the Splitter/Starter Cable in several ways. We have increased the length of the cable to 15mts long as opposed to 13mts long. The conduit is also 5mm thicker which provides much more protection. We also run the conduit the entire length of the cable so no moisture or water can get into the back of the plug.

Wireline Cable

Category: LM DCI Cables

Diamondlife Drilling Products upgraded both the 15 metre long Water Pump Cable and 8 metre long Wireline Cable and added bright yellow smooth conduit to provide a lot more protection from knocks and the elements associated with underground diamond drilling.