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Diamondlife Drilling Products and Irrigation

Diamondlife Drilling Products and Irrigation is a privately owned and operated company which specialise in Irrigation with over 10,000 products available for Viticulture, Agriculture and Landscapers whilst also supplying a vast range of drilling products for Water Bores and Exploration Drilling.

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Example of some irrigation products we offer

We have access to over 10,000 quality products

10KG Clearbore – Water bore Maintenance

Clearbore is a safe, simple to use, biodegradable and effective product for cleaning water bores and water pumps. It is designed to dissolve the sludge and encrustations caused by iron and iron-related bacteria. Clearbore can be used regularly to maintain bore efficiency and dissolve iron build-up in pipework and infrastructure. Clearbore Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company manufacturing products for the irrigation, agriculture and ground water sectors for more than 30 years.

Toro neptune drip tube 19mm 350 mtr roll

Toro Neptune Drip tube – From multi-season row crops to permanent irrigation systems, Neptune PC is suitable for use in horticultural, viticultural, greenhouse and orchard applications. Its Pressure Compensating mechanism provides highly accurate and uniform distribution of water and nutrients over long run lengths and changing topographies.

Polyspin Drip spinner

The ideal solution for installing your drip projects fast!
Collapsable arms for easy storage and shipping to the next site!
Suitable for 200m rolls of Netafim, Rain Bird & Toro Drip
Roll out thousands of meters of drip in a single day, without the hassles of unwinding the drip as you go!